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Ozpig Big Pig Oven Smoker Combo

With the Big Pig Oven Smoker Combo you can truly take advantage of Ozpig's versatility. Thanks to the dual cooking zones on the Big Pig, you can have the Oven Smoker set up on one side with the fire set up under the other cooking zone. This way you're taking advantage of that classic Ozpig low and slow offset smoking style in the Oven Smoker, while preparing sides, sauces and seconds over direct heat on the other cooking zone.

The Big Pig not only produces incredible food cooked over fire, but it doubles as an off the ground, safe and contained fire and comes with a huge range of genuine Ozpig accessories. Think chargrill plates, rotisseries and pizza stones, as well as offset chimney kits to direct the smoke away from you and your mates so you can focus on the food and the good times.

The Big Pig Smoker Combo will be centre of attention in your outdoor area, delivering real flavour born from fire, you won’t find better value on the market. When the cooking is done, kick back with family and friends and enjoy the ambience and warmth of an open fire.

Package Includes:

1 x Stove body

1 x Stove top plate

2 x Cooking port plates

4 x Zinc coated legs

2 x Fire grates

3 x Chimney sections

2 x Warming plates

1 x Spark arrestor

1 x Multi-purpose tool (wood poker and plate lift handle)

1 x Chimney with baffle

1 x Oven Smoker Adapter Plate

1 x Oven Smoker body

4 x Stainless Steel Racks

1 x Water Pan

1 x Thermometer

1 x Chimney Cap

1 x Instruction manual

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