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Ozpig Big Pig Cover

This Custom cover fits perfectly over your Big Pig, with a zipper port that you can open to leave your smoker attached. Built from quality materials, this cover is great for keeping your Big Pig out of the weather.

( Smoker cover sold separately )


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
only good for base set up

I bought the cover, which is good quality, though normally keeps the spark arrestor within it when you remove it from the pig.

However, I bought the cover and also the offset pieces for the chimney, no mention on the accessory page for either the offset chimney pieces or the cover page that they are not compatible and you cannot use the cover with the offset chimney.

Very disappointed. Email support is terrible, emailed before opening time on Monday, still no reply on Thursday.

Ordered the OzPig on a Sunday, delivered Tuesday. Very good. Ordered a chargill plate and the offsets on Monday early doors, no notice of shipping now 4 days later.

Simon Williams
Good Quality, not very well thought out.

It's a great quality cover if you have a big pig. However, if you have the smoker as well, this cover will not fit over the smoker, even with the circular hole unzipped. This forces you to detach the smoker every time you want to put the cover on. I would highly recommend Ozpig has a think about the overall design of this product.

Mr A Doran
Spring around the corner

Love to give a review when I have unpacked it. You fulfilled my order so quick that it's still mid-winter here in the UK. Ask again in a month or three.

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