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Portable and Powerful

Weighing in at just 18kgs, the Ozpig is as portable and powerful as you are. The legs and chimney stack neatly and pack away into the belly of the Ozpig which comes with a strong and sturdy carry bag, packing down to the size of a small box. Whether you’re taking it on your next adventure or letting it take centre stage in your back garden, the Ozpig is the ultimate portable and powerful barbecue.

Cooking and Heating

Ozpig's unique open door and open top design allows you to enjoy the fire without burning through all of your wood at once. With its unique open top design, you have incredible flexibility when it comes to what you're going to cook and how you're going to cook it. In no time you will be kicking back outdoors, enjoying the warmth, heat and a ripper meal that only cooking over fire with the Ozpig can bring. 

Accessories to suit
your Lifestyle

With a wide range of accessories, you can tailor your Ozpig to fit your lifestyle. From offset chimney stacks to direct the smoke away when you bring your Ozpig under cover, to ash trays to prevent embers and ash falling onto the patio, we have a great range that gets your Ozpig in closer. When it comes to cooking accessories we have you covered with chargrills, rotisseries and oven smokers to maximise your flavour and wood smoking experience.

Flavour Born from Fire

The Ozpig has a range of accessories available making it more than just your standard barbecue. With the Oven Smoker, Rotisserie and Char Grill to name a few, you'll be cooking tender briskets, fall of the bone ribs, perfectly seared steaks and juicy roast chickens in no time. Join the thousands of others around the world who are experiencing real flavour born from fire with the Ozpig.

Centre of Attention

This is more than just a grill. The Ozpig is the ultimate in outdoor cooking and heating. No more sitting your barbecue in the corner, you'll want this front and centre. With Ozpig’s huge range of accessories, your cooking options are endless. Once the cooking is done, crank up the fire, kick back with family and friends and enjoy the warmth and ambience that only a real Ozpig contained wood fire can bring.

Safe and Contained Fire

Designed with safety in mind, Being from a country that suffers from extreme conditions safety around fire is key in our design. Being up off the ground with a solid bottom means nothing is scorching the earth and no hot embers are left behind. With the Ozpig's mesh door and spark arrester, this ensures hot embers can't fly away, potentially starting dangerous spot fires. This is another example of how how Ozpig is stepping up the safety of outdoor cooking.

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