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The Ozpig woodfired stoves are built for cooking. One of our key design philosophies is to embrace versatility in cooking and ignite the passion in people to explore the vast and wonderful world of woodfired culinary experiences. What this means for our customers, is that when you purchase an Ozpig woodfired stove, you know that you are getting a product that allows you to do more than just barbecue. With the open top woodfired design of the Ozpig, you have the flexibility to interchange your cooking surface, and by doing so, you will be exploring the endless the possibilities the Ozpig range has to offer.


With real fire at the core of the Ozpig, outdoor heating comes second nature to us. With the unique open door design of the Ozpig, you can ensure that the maximum amount of heat is directed out towards you, as opposed to being directed upward and out into the atmosphere. Unlike conventional indoor stoves that use radiant heat to heat up an internal space, the same method would not work so we had to think outside the box. As the Ozpig unit heats up, this gently radiates the heat 360 degrees, as well as pushing the warm air out it’s front door, keeping you nice and toasty.


Another key design feature was to create a product that would truly captivate the imagination and soothe the soul of those sitting around the fire. We are big believers in the philosophy that disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with family and friends around the fire is so important in the busy lives we lead. Whether it’s entertaining friends and family at home, or out adventuring away from civilization with mates, great times are always had around an Ozpig fire.


The Ozpig is born from adventure, with the original Ozpig designed to travel around our rugged and vast country of Australia. As you know we have some massive extremes down under from fire to flood and everything in between. This led us to designing the Ozpig as a safe and portable way to enjoy cooking, heating and the ambience of the fire when you’re out exploring on your next adventure.

Back Garden

With the growth in popularity of the Ozpig, we saw a shift in the units becoming a staple in the back gardens of many outdoor entertaining spaces. With the endless cooking options and great flavour from cooking over wood to the ambience of the fire, drawing people into relaxation, the Ozpig is the perfect all round outdoor cooking and heating solution.

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