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Oven Smoker


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Maximum Flavour
Born from Fire

The Big Pig is more than just a barbecue. With an endless range of accessories such as the chargrill, oven smoker and rotisserie, you will achieve an unrivalled flavour experience cooking over wood and charcoal.

Centre of Attention

This is more than just a grill. This is the ultimate in outdoor cooking and heating. No more sitting your barbecue in the corner, it is now front and centre. With Ozpig’s huge range of accessories, your cooking options are endless. Once the cooking is done, this is where the Ozpig shines. Load up the fire, kick back with family and friends and enjoy the warmth and ambience that only a real Ozpig contained wood fire can bring.

Bring it in Close

Unlike other open fire pits, you can bring the Big Pig in nice and close. Situated high off the ground, and with a solid steel bottom, you can bring the Big Pig under cover onto your patio. With a customisable chimney stack the smoke is directed away and the spark arrestor ensures no embers escape.

Large Removable Cooktop

The cooking surface of the Big Pig allows you to have two different pots, pans or grill plates simultaneously running over the fire. Simply remove the cooktop, dial up the fire and you’ve got sustainable wood fired heating in minutes.

Largest Firebox in the
Ozpig Range

The Big Pig features the largest fire box in the range meaning you get maximum heat and a large viewing portal. Simply load it up, kick back, relax and let the Big Pig take care of keeping you warm.

Unique Design Features

With a front folding door to catch any loose ashes, the Big Pig is not only safe but versatile. With dual cooking zones and two side warming plates, the possibilities on the Big Pig are endless. Once the food is done, kick back, relax and enjoy the fire with those close to you. The Big Pig becomes the centre of attention in your back garden.

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